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Filed in Belgium, Blog, United Kingdom by on March 12, 2015

Before coming abroad, I had only traveled outside of the country one time. This made the idea of traveling while in the U.K. very exciting! I am finally able to travel to many new and exciting places. So far I have traveled to: Liverpool, Belgium (Bruges and Brussels), Bath, Stonehenge and York.

In Liverpool, I spent the day taking a free guided tour. It’s nice to search out things that you can do for free while traveling because you’re on such a tight budget while abroad. I think my favorite part of Liverpool was seeing where the Beetles played and spent most of their time. To be considered a city in the U.K. one of the requirements is that you must have a cathedral. So in every city that I visit we always look to see and compare the cathedrals. Liverpool had a beautiful one with a great view around it.

Belgium was a very long weekend trip. It was my first time staying in hostels and going on a “vacation” without my family. We landed in Brussels but took a bus to Bruges upon arrival. The bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere (at midnight) in a dark parking lot and we had to find our own way to our hostel. This might sound like a simple task, but you have to remember that we don’t have phones set up to use in mainland Europe. So we resorted to wandering until finding it. Bruges is a beautiful city with canals running through it. Then we traveled back to Brussels, which is the larger city in Belgium. We went to the world’s largest chocolate expo here and ate more chocolate than I ever have in one sitting before. Which is a lot.

Bath was amazing because of the historic Roman Baths. Europe is amazing because you are able to see history that is extremely old that we are only able to read about in America. We just don’t have history like this at home. We spent a lot of time hiking the city, which consisted of lots of hills and beautiful sights. It is a very old city with very beautiful buildings and homes.

Stonehenge was fantastic. I have wanted to visit Stonehenge since I was a little kid, so this trip was a dream come true. Just being in the presence of such an amazing structure was absolutely breathtaking. Looking at pictures of Stonehenge it may not seem like much. However, I assure you that it is quite a sight in person.

York is another extremely historic town in England. There is a wall that surrounds the city that the Romans built long ago and it is very much still in great condition. York is very proud in preserving its history so there was much to see and explore. The best part about this trip is that I met a woman, who was my tour guide of the city, who not only knew where Missouri was, but she had been there. Even better than that, she knew my hometown, which is a very small farm town in central Missouri. Very cool connection and proves just how small this world is.

We get a three-week Easter break here in Manchester, so I have a large trip planned. I will be traveling to Prague, Munich, Salzburg, Venice, Florence, Copenhagen and London, then finishing the trip off in Paris.

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