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Top 10 things in London

by Fatima J.

1. Take a picture with a red telephone booth.

Student standing in vintage red telephone booth on empty London sidewalk.

2. Have a thali at Masala Zone

A plate of Thali with different colored sauces in several small bowls surrounding the plate.
3. Buy flowers from Columbia Road Flowers Market.

Student in maroon shirt holding bouquet of yellow roses.
4. Spot the London Eye.

Distant shot of the London Eye - a large ferris wheel with passenger capsules all around the wheel.
5. Find the Redemption Wings in Shoreditch.

Small arched door surrounded by arch of bricks. Two large golden wings are painted on the door.
6. Develop an obsession for Korean food at Jihwaja.

A bowl of Jihwaja. Bean sprouts, cucumber, shredded carrots and beef are topped with a fried egg.
7. Be fancy at Sketch tea room.

A bowl of orange cream with small stacked discs of grains in the middle. Topped with thick cream and basil leaves.
8. Go shopping for gorgeous South Asian clothes at Green Street.

A row of colorful red, green and gold South Asian clothing along a shop wall.
9. Find a guard and attempt to make him laugh.

A London guard standing underneath a domed archway and behind a small chain.

10. Eat amazing lobster rolls at Burger and Lobsters.

A lobster role next to a cup of fries, small salad, and two different sauces in gravy boats.

About the blogger

Fatima J. is studying abroad on the Global Mizzou Internship: London program in London, United Kingdom.

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