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There’s always something to do in Leipzig and Berlin

Filed in Blog, Germany by on August 25, 2017
by Ashlee P.

I just returned last week from my study abroad program in Leipzig and Berlin and, let me tell you, part ofme is still in Germany. These two pictures basically summarize my experiences in Germany.

The first picture is from the Multicultural Parade in Berlin, near Sonnenallee and Karl Marx Strasse, during my first weekend in Germany. The bear is the symbol for Berlin and the concept of the bear waving the German flag represents Germany being able to be proud of their national identity without the Nazi guilt they experienced for decades following World War II. Germany celebrates diversity and has welcomed more than two million refugees in the last five years.

Germany parade

Berlin’s Multicultural Festival at Sonnenallee and Karl Marx Strasse in June, 2017.

The second picture is from Karl Heine Strasse in Leipzig near the flea market. There was a parade going on that celebrated the local workforce, especially skilled trades such as welding. Both of these pictures capture the fun-loving spirit of Germany that I am missing now that I am back in Columbia, Missouri.

germany parade train

A parade on Karl Heine Strasse celebrating Leipzig’s labor force in June 2017. (Note from the International Center: It’s okay to photograph the person holding onto a bus, just don’t be the person holding onto bus.)

About the blogger

Ashlee P. is studying abroad on the Germany Language and Culture program in Berlin and Leipzig, Germany.

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