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The last Queen’s Day

Filed in Blog, Netherlands by on June 4, 2013

With two days off of school and work, the Netherlands population made its way to Amsterdam for the final Queen’s Day! Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrating the queen’s birthday. The queen’s birthday is in February; however, the weather would be too cold so it was decided that a warmer date at the end of April would be more suitable.



To celebrate, Amsterdam turns into a city wide party (as if it wasn’t already), decorated in the official Netherlands’ color: orange. I didn’t think Amsterdam could get any livelier. There are music festivals and crazy orange costumes, and the canals are crowded with boats; all in honor of Queen Beatrix’s birthday.


Although Queen’s Day is a huge celebration every year, this year was particularly special. ¬†After a 33 year reign, Queen Beatrix has announced her retirement from the throne. The crown will be passed down to Beatrix’s son, making him the youngest monarch in Europe. We stood at Museumplein and watched Beatrix say her final words as queen. Although it was in Dutch, it was still clear that she was emotional. After, Beatrix’s son, King Willem-Alexander, spoke his first words as king! An exciting moment, being that this is the first king the Netherlands has had since 1890. It was amazing to witness such a momentous occasion! The ceremony was followed by cheering and applause, then the festivities began! Queen’s Day was an amazing time, if only I could make it to King’s Day next year!

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  1. Lorna says:

    Studying abroad is quite an experience but not everyone gets to participate so up close and personal as to experience a true moment in history.