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Thanksgiving in Manchester

by Muhamedali K.

It’s a bit late, but happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Strangely enough, they don’t celebrate American holidays in the U.K. (yet), so we didn’t have the week off, but it was still a pretty nice time. I apologize for the late entry, but it has been a hectic past few weeks with getting assignments handed in and the frenzy that comes along with the holidays. That being said, it has been a great couple of weeks and the more time I spend here, the more confident I am that I made the right decision in coming here.

Now, down to brass tacks. I haven’t done nearly enough traveling this semester, but I am happy to report that I did travel outside of Manchester last weekend, so it won’t be a total whitewash. One of my flatmates was kind enough to invite a few of us back to her house last weekend, which is in a village called Grimolby in a town called Louth in a city called Grimsby. Are you still with me? It was everything you would expect from an English village from the beautiful cottages to the kind and welcoming people. I may not have seen London, but I think this weekend showed me parts of England that few outsiders take the time to see — how people outside the tourist areas live. While we were in Grimolby we took a short trip into Lincoln for the Christmas market, which was fantastic and about as Harry Potter as you can get: there was a castle, there were people with British accents and it was incredibly festive. All in all, it was a wonderful trip (thank you to the Cook family).

As the semester comes to a close, I find myself incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to study here in Manchester for the entire academic year. It is difficult to put into words what makes this place special, but if I had to boil it down, I’d say that the people here are absolutely amazing. Of course, it is possible to have a good time on your own and traveling does benefit the individual immensely, but, in my opinion, it is the people you surround yourself with who make all the difference. When you’ve found people whose company is enough to make a good night, then you’re about as lucky as you can get. We can go it alone, but it isn’t necessary to do so and, if you’re lucky enough to find people who are right for you, it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. I tried my best to keep the sappiness to a minimum, but I couldn’t help it. I rather like the quote I put in my last post, so I think I’ll make it a regular part of my blog posts. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou




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Muhamedali K. is studying abroad at the University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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