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Taking a break

Filed in Blog, Netherlands by on May 13, 2013

After traveling for five weekends in a row, I found myself feeling completely exhausted. On top of school, which is extremely competitive in the Netherlands, traveling took up almost all of my free time. I kept telling myself that I’ll graduate next year, find in an entry-level job with two weeks vacation, and I’ll never have time to go back to Europe again. I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester in Europe; however, I was missing out on what was going on in the beautiful city that I call home, Maastricht.

The truth is, I have the rest of my life to come back and it is completely feasible to set aside the time to do so. It felt great to take a weekend off, catch up on school and catch up with my friends in Maastricht who I hadn’t seen in ages.

The Netherlands is a very green area, and now that spring is finally coming around everything is starting to look a lot less dreary.┬áIt was a beautiful day so a couple floor mates and I decided to take a bike ride to Sint Pietersburg. Very close to the Belgium border, Sint Pietersburg is considered a mountain, but is really more of a hill. The top gave you a view of Maastricht that most never see. It’s amazing that I have lived here for three full months and I still discover new places all the time! There were plenty of bike trails, a historic fortress and, remarkably, we stumbled upon an entire heard of sheep. We made sure to make it back before dark, but I learned that some of the best travel locations are right under your nose!

Maastricht, the Netherlands

Maastricht, the Netherlands

Maastricht, the Netherlands

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