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Soaking up the last days in Spain

Filed in Blog, Spain by on June 13, 2014

Here are some photos of what I was up to during my last days in Spain. My friends and I explored islands off the coast of Alicante, but I was also trying to spend as much time with my host parents as possible.


Sami, another MU study abroad student, and I rented bikes and rode along the port of Alicante.


My friends and I went to the island of Tabarca to snorkel. We were with a combination of Swedish, French, German, Latvian and American friends of ours. So much fun!


This is three other MU study abroad students over at my host parents house. It became a regular thing to have friends over for dulces, or coffee and sweets. It was also great Spanish practice!


This is my view from the plane window flying into the island of Ibiza.


We explored the cliffs of Ibiza, and sat here for a perfect picnic with a view.


The beaches in Ibiza were stunning. It as amazed me all semester how calm and clear the Mediterranean Sea is. We took a small ferry boat to get to this secluded beach from where we were staying.


This is “our” beach in Alicante — where I spent a tremendous amount of time this semester. On the very last night I headed to the beach to watch the sunset with a couple other friends — and gradually more and more of our friends unexpectedly showed up to do the same thing. This was our view while we talked about how badly we didn’t want to leave.


This is my everyday walk to the beach from my host parents’ end of town. Early on in the semester, I bought a pair of roller blades (as many people do over here) and used them down this stretch a countless number of times. It was a blast!

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