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Scholar spotlight: Kayan Phoebe Wan

Filed in Multimedia, Photo by on February 1, 2018

Home country: China
Visa type: H-1B
MU department: Student Health Center
Role at MU: Psychologist

Path to MU:
Phoebe Wan came to the United States 10 years ago as an international student, and moved to Columbia three years ago to work as a psychologist for the MU Student Health Center. Prior to MU, Wan worked specifically with international students coming to the United States and with students struggling with eating disorders.

Current work:
In her current position, Wan works primarily with MU students in both individual and group sessions. She also facilitates a program designed for international students to help support their mental health.

Current goals:
Among Wan’s many goals are helping students to be more successful on campus and helping raise mental health awareness and reducing stigma.

Biggest surprise about the U.S.:
Wan was surprised how much slower the pace of life is in Columbia, compared to her previous residences in Hong Kong and New York City. She is surprised by how relaxing it is here, and by how much wildlife there is everywhere.

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