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Scholar spotlight: Daniel Domingues

Filed in Brazil, Multimedia, Photo by on March 10, 2015

Home country: Brazil
Visa type: Permanent residency, arrived at MU in H-1B
MU department: History
Role at MU: Assistant professor

Path to MU:
After completing his Ph.D. at Emory University, Domingues accepted a position as assistant professor of African history with the MU Department of History.

Current work:
Domingues’ current research focuses on tracing the origins of slaves from the interior of West Central Africa. He is also working on the Africa Origins Portal, as well as a database of goods and merchandise that were used to purchase slaves in the interior of Angola.

Current goals:
He hopes to become an associate professor of African history at MU and aspires to develop digital humanities at MU, which is the study of humanistic topics and issues through a digital approach.

Biggest surprise about Columbia:
Domingues was most surprised by how friendly and supportive the people of Columbia are.

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