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Scholar spotlight: Barbara Gandolfi

Filed in Italy, Multimedia, Photo by on March 10, 2015

Home country: Italy
Visa type: H-1B
MU department: Veterinary medicine
Role at MU: Assistant research professor

Path to MU:
After completing post-doctoral work at the University of California, Davis, Gandolfi accepted an asssistant research professor position with the MU School of Veterinary Medicine. The position gave her more experience in competitive genetics, which was something she was always interested in.

Current work:
In addition to several other projects, Gandolfi is researching two inherited cases of blindness in cats. The main objective of her project is to develop new models that would help resolve human blindness.

Current goals:
She hopes to receive federal funding so she can find a cure for the models she is currently researching.

Biggest surprise about Columbia:
Gandolfi was most suprirsed by Columbia’s cold winters, as well as how team-oriented her colleagues are at MU. She enjoys going to Ragtag Cinema and the city’s many festivals.

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