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Running through the English countryside, installment 2

Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on March 4, 2014

I decided to do another photo blog of one of my runs because it’s truly been the best way to see the area.  This time I went west toward the Lune Estuary (and the ocean, although I didn’t make it there).  It’s actually quite fascinating how different the landscape is on the east and west sides of campus; this side, the east, is relatively flat as it gently slopes to the ocean, while the other side is dramatically hilly.  If I had to summarize this run in three bullet points, I’d say:

  • Spring is here!
  • Mud is also here!
  • Lots of animals stared at me!

For photographic evidence of all of these claims, scroll down.


A view of campus from about one kilometer away


Lancaster Canal path


Lancaster Canal path


A farm


Staring sheep


Staring horse


Staring donkey


A view across Lune Estuary


This is not a rare occurance


A community garden


Evidence of spring


More evidence of spring


An interesting mural in the fields outside campus


I know I’m getting close to home when I see this view of Bailrigg House and the campus lawns

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  1. Linda Gilmore says:

    WOW…Haley……you are seeing and running through some beautiful countryside. I loved seeing your pix of the beautiful tulips as snow still lays on the ground here in Chicago area!!!! Your shoes looks just like the boys’ always did in spring!!!! Sounds as if all is going well!!!! Can’t wait to see more pix!!!! Have fun!!

  2. DiAnne Myers says:

    Beautiful beautiful!! Love the captions too!
    Seems like everything is so peaceful.