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Preparing for my first international trip

Filed in Belgium, Blog by on March 23, 2017
by Robert B.

After receiving an email stating that the School of Public Affairs was looking for students to participate in a study abroad program in Brussels, I immediately jumped on the application. Now, a few months later, I find myself searching the internet for converter outlets, places to exchange currency and the no-no’s of travel.

Destination: Brussels.

Length of time: One week.

As a queer, African-American male, I must admit, I am nervous. I am excited for the wonderful opportunity to learn something new, but also interested if I will learn so much about myself that the Robert who gets off the plane after the week will be recognizable. As I continue to watch the EU news while simultaneously looking for the latest European blazers fashion, I am thrilled to be embarking on this wonderful journey.

About the blogger

Robert B. is studying abroad on the Policies and Institutions of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium.

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