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As of today, I have been in Europe for 12 days. My trip is almost halfway over and time is flying. When I arrived in Prague almost two weeks ago, I don’t think I was mentally prepared for this trip as much as I originally thought I was. Everything in the Czech Republic is so different, and I realized that as soon as I stepped off the plane. After losing my luggage, being yelled at by strangers and eating pork knuckle on the regular, I knew this was going to be a whole new world. It took almost a week for me to adjust to the changes, and I’m still adjusting.

I feel as if I have done so much and yet so little during my time here. The first full day here, our entire group took a walking tour of the city. The whole town was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. My personal favorites were the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical clock. The bridge was filled with so many things, including painters, performers, craftsmen and much more. There was so much to look at in such a small vicinity. Once across the bridge, we made our way to the top of the tower that holds the clock, and from here one could see the entire city neatly laid out below. It almost appeared to be a town out of a fairy tale story. I loved every minute of it!

Classes began two days later, and they did not match my expectations. I was actually kind of nervous to begin classes with the Czech students. However, once there, I realized they were much more relaxed and laid back compared to the classes at MU. The classes consisted of mostly group work and casual conversation. Although it’s hard arriving by 8 a.m., I really don’t mind the courses. The other students are teaching us the Czech customs, so we don’t scream “tourist.” But so far, I think I still stick out like a sore thumb in this country. Nevertheless, as my first trip abroad, this has been one of the best experiences of my life.

On top of the city with fellow study abroad students
View of Prague from the top of the Astronomical clock tower

Prague's famous Astronomical Clock

Here I'm having gelato for the first time

My fellow classmate, Czech student Kunya- She has been so amazing this entire trip

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