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Party like it’s my last month

Filed in Blog, Country, Germany by on July 28, 2015

My time in Germany is winding down. As of the first of July I only have 24 days left, so obviously I want to hang out with everyone I’ve met as much as possible. I went to the last big party that was thrown at Ferdinandstrasse, the main party dorm while I’m here. Although I’m not the biggest fan of large parties, it was nice to see everyone and have one last celebration before exams and travels back home. Besides that I’ve been doing the usual with my smaller friend group. We keep going to quiz night every Tuesday, but unfortunately with much less success than we had the first night I went. Win or lose, though, quiz night is always a blast and I’m going to be sad when I have to leave it behind. My friends and I have also started a weekly movie night, or sometimes twice a week depending on how we feel. We’ve been trying to get through all the Star Wars films, but whenever someone can’t make it we simply pick another film so we don’t leave anyone behind. I’m actually a little disappointed we didn’t start this tradition sooner, but I’m definitely going to enjoy it as much as possible before I go. I know some people might think of a study abroad year as only the big trips to far off places that they’ve never seen before, but for me the most important moments are the little things with the people you meet while you’re abroad. Making these connections and these memories, these are the important things that I’ll always remember.

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