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Maybe new food, good food

Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on December 5, 2018
by Elaine P.

I never thought I would run out of passport pages, but I am getting close. My travel has become a running joke in my accommodation. My English friends love to ask me “What country are you going to this weekend?” My response is then “Germany!” “Italy!” “Switzerland!” Never in my life did I think that sitting in class in Columbia, Missouri, would I someday be experiencing new cultures and hearing new languages every weekend. My advice to someone wanting to go abroad is to try to immerse yourself in the culture and language. My goal when I went somewhere new was to try something I likely would not try when I got home. In Edinburgh that was haggis (the real kind with sheep’s lung), Spain was rabbit, Switzerland was raclette (cheese that smells awful but tastes amazing), France was snails and kidney and Portugal was liver and seafood where you eat the brains as gravy. The funny thing: I loved everything. Europe and study abroad has given my taste buds a taste for adventure that will be hard to suppress back in the States.

Student sitting at a table looking over a plate of haggis.

Edinburg: Haggis

A long table with a variety of plates and pots of seafood and types of bread and sauces.

Lisbon: Seafood

A large bowl of mussels in sauce with a small bowl of chips next to it.

Belgium: Mussels



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Elaine P. is studying abroad on the University of Manchester program in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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