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Filed in Blog, Italy, United Kingdom by on February 25, 2013

I’m on spring break this week! Currently in London with three girls from Umbra.

Something I’ve noticed about traveling, in Italy and now in the U.K., is how nice people are. I feel like when you say you’re going on a trip, everyone automatically tells you to be careful, to not talk to anyone. And I’m not saying you should be yelling your business to everyone on the street, but be open to conversation. A few examples: Yesterday when I had lunch, I had a nice chat about the weather with a lady; today a guard was very helpful while we were trying to get find Westminster Abbey; and this evening we went to dinner with a girl from Germany who’s in our hostel. People are just nice and useful. I think we’re so trained to be wary that we assume everyone must have some ulterior motive to being nice or helpful. Sometimes people just are, in fact, nice.

I think this is just as important to keep in mind as being wary about your purse and your wallet and your belongings and your person. If you keep an open mind, your going to have a much deeper experience than simply seeing the sights in a destination.

A couple more observations about London: The Tube here is the nicest subway I’ve ever been on. They even have comfy seats. It’s also a very user-friendly city — they have signs and maps that are actually helpful for tourists and make perfect sense.

And of course, their accents are fabulous.

Since I’m currently taking a break from Italian, being in the mother country and all, I’ll just say good-bye until next time!

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