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La vie en rose

by Fatima J.

People often say living abroad changes you. I never really understood to full extent what that meant until my internship abroad this summer in London. Prior to coming to London, I was beyond excited to come here and get away from everything. I did not think about how much of an adjustment it would be and everything that I would miss. The first week in London was definitely a little tough as I realized how much I missed my family and friends in America. I was so wrapped up in the idea of traveling and a change that I did not realize how big of an impact it would have one me. Eventually, I adjusted and made the best of the situation by making friends, exploring London and going on many adventures.

This past week I came across a bracelet at a boutique on one of my many adventures. Engraved on this bracelet was “La vie en rose.” Not knowing what this French expression meant, I looked it up on my phone. It translates to “Life in pink,” in better words “Life through rosy glasses.” And in that moment I had a sense of realization and something changed in me. I realized that no matter where you are or what you are doing in life there will be good and bad experiences and moments. But you have to take both in a positive, cheerful and “rosy” attitude. You have to turn the bad into the positive and look through rosy glasses. It is all about perspective and one’s mindset. Everything can be a source of happiness if you have a positive view on life.

About the blogger

Fatima J. is studying abroad on the Global Mizzou Internship: London program in London, United Kingdom.

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