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Italia vs. USA

Filed in Blog, Italy by on April 9, 2013

For this blog post, I decided to do a little comparison between Italy and America on a few things, and share my humble opinion on who does it better.

Coffee: You might have guessed by now I really like Italian coffee (check out my entire blog post about it if you have doubts!). Italy certainly wins when it comes to the taste and quality of their coffee, and usually for about 1 euro — good value for you money! America wins at iced coffee, though, which isn’t a thing here at all, but is a staple in my diet at Mizzou.

Pizza: I’ve had some pretty good pizza in America, but Italy wins in this battle. Italy was the inventor of pizza, and while lots of places in America do quite a good job honoring the humble pizza pie, there’s nothing like the original.

Food in general: I’m very happy with food in Italy, but I also eat a lot of pasta in America, too. I also think that “real food,” like your basic fresh fruits and veggies, is cheaper here. It’s also more seasonal — early strawberries have just appeared on the shelves at the markets. Since it’s a tad more difficult to go through the McDonald’s drive-through, I’ve eaten a lot healthier. I also dream of Taco Bell quesadillas, which leads me to the part America wins at: cheddar cheese and ethnic food. Maybe because Perugia is a smaller, less diverse city than, say, Rome or London, it doesn’t have many options besides Italian. Whereas, in America, that’s usually the first question: Not specifically where you want to go, but what kind of food you want — Thai, Chinese, Indian, Sushi, Pizza, American — and that variety the U.S. certainly wins at, hands down.

Weather: Neither Missouri or Perugia win for weather. It’s been nice the past week here in central Italy, but it was rainy, chilly and overcast the first two and a half months. In fact, the weather is much the same as in Missouri: unpredictable. The only edge Italy has in this competition is that it only snowed once while I’ve been here. Clearly, I need to go farther south to be happy about the weather, in Europe and America.

The view: I miss the Mizzou campus, which I’ve always thought was gorgeous. But the views in Perugia are amazing. Situated at the top of the hill, you can see miles (I mean, kilometers!) of green countryside all around the city. I think it’s a bit more romantic than the countryside of Missouri. So I suppose Italy wins this round.

Clothes: I prefer ‘American style’ to European style, but there’s a lot of blurred edges on this one. Maybe I’m defining my own style as American? There are definitely a lot more conventions about what clothes to wear in Italy, for the season especially. For example, Sunday my friends and I were lounging on the steps, eating gelato (Italy wins — did you really have to ask?), sans jackets because it was warm and sunny and quite lovely. All the Italians still had on fuzzy, puffy, fur-lined hooded jackets. Very puzzling.

I guess the point is that everywhere has things that makes it unique, that make it stand out. Everywhere has something it does best. And I’m going to get the best of Italy before I head home!

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  1. Nicole McMorris says:

    Laura!!! I know you’re enjoying yourself over in Italy, but you should come back soon, as in sooner than as soon as possible. Just kidding, but we all miss you a ton, and we’re all extremely jealous of the wonderful time you’re having! I mean, if I could like every picture you post, I would (although I pretty much do anyway). Anyway, I cannot wait for you to get back and all the shenanigans we’ll be getting into this summer and next marching season.
    Missing you tons, MLITB.

    P.S. You’re a wonderful friend and a great sister. Stay feisty, girl!

  2. Miranda Schloman says:

    Hey Laura! I have to say I adore every single one of the pictures you post. I’m sure you are enjoying your Italian adventures. We all miss you dearly and can’t wait for you to come back. I, myself, am certainly excited to live with you next year! Also, I admire you for taking the leap of faith to study abroad. Those experiences are ones you will keep the rest of your life. You are beautiful inside and out. See you soon 🙂

  3. Lorna says:

    I love all the photos you take and all the adventures and trips of each study abroad student. This is the blog that as a hometown girl from Missouri I totally related to. You have taken unique and made it stand out and brought it home to Mizzou. Thank you.