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Hidden treasure of London

Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on July 14, 2019
by Megan P.

London is thriving with art flourishing from all parts of the city. The city is so inspiring for creative minds that long to leave a mark on the world. Some of the pieces are more easily seen than others, such as the intricate architecture portrayed on towering buildings scattered around the city.

A man in straw hat leaning over while he paints on a steel bridge.

The Artist

Several bridges emerging from a riverside of historic building and skyscrapers.

The Millenium Bridge

A collage of miniature paintings of shapes and words on the grates of a steel bridge.

Just a few of the hundred paintings.

I particularly found a hidden gem of art in the middle of the city on a bridge called the Millennium Bridge. A man comes to this bridge in his free time to paint tiny murals on chewed gum that people leave on the bridge to be stepped on. I was cautious walking around this bridge to appreciate these amazing pieces of art polka dotted around the bridge. I found it so special to be able to catch this artist at work so focused on creating something that meant so much to him. When you stop to look closer at these miniature canvases, you see fine detail and work put into every single one. As odd as the matter seems, I found it so cool that a man was turning something so gross and ugly into beautiful artwork that people can appreciate if they look hard enough. The city itself is so unique and I love being able to experience the magic it holds.

About the blogger

Megan P. is studying abroad on the Global Mizzou Internship: London program in London, U.K.

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