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Here we are! Week two already

Filed in Blog, Peru by on April 24, 2018
by Kendra N.

This week has been a whirlwind of stress, adventure, and learning. This was our first week of “classes” at the university. So, all week we have been trying to figure out classes, schedules, credits and registration. However, there has also been time for adventuring and fun activities. On Saturday, we had a group outing, which was a fun way to end the week. So, I guess I’ll just pick up where I left off last week.

Classes have officially started at PUCP. However, because we are foreign students, we can’t actually register until Monday. So we have a week to try out as many different classes as we can to figure out what we want to take. There are upsides and downsides to this system. However, I think it is more good than bad. It’s nice to have a little leeway to see the class, and hear the professor before you commit to a class. Especially when the online descriptions are often vague and not super helpful. You also need to know if you can understand the professor, if they offer visual aids, what the homework and tests will be like… there is a lot to consider. This was the most stressful element of this week. As of now, I have finally decided on the two classes I will be taking, on top of our two required classes for the program. It’s a huge relief to have that over with. Now I just have to hope they don’t fill up before I get to register. And there’s also the homework that I now have to worry about.

Now, as I mentioned, there has been time for fun this week as well. When not stressing about the school system and what we are supposed to be doing, we have had some time to get to know Lima a little better. So, here come the highlights of the week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Got to leave university a little early (about 3:30), so Colleen and I hung out a bit after school. We went to a small restaurant and then we went to Colleen’s house and talked for a bit.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A drink spilled all over my shirt so I had a stained shirt all day. A group of us got together to plan our “spring break” trip, which was really fun and productive.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Colleen and I didn’t go to university today, so instead we went on an adventure to find a grocery store. After a few tries we succeeded and got the things we wanted. Later that evening Colleen, Lucia and I went out to Miraflores.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

We had a group outing; we went on tours of two famous churches in Lima and then went to “China town” to have lunch at a Chifa restaurant. This week has been fun, and more chill than last week with all of orientation activities.

I can feel myself adjusting to life here. I am loving that the “getting to know you” phase of my relationships with the other people in my program is giving way to making real friendships. Although we’ve only been in Peru for two weeks, it’s already starting to feel like home. Exploring and getting to know this city is so fun; and even boring things, like going to the grocery store, turn into adventures. Simple things can help you understand the culture and language of this country, such as riding public transportation, looking through the aisles of the grocery store or walking down a street looking for a place to eat or drink. All the little things are what teach you the most, and it is so exciting to feel like I am understanding these things more and more.

Current favorites:

  • Food: Ají de gallena, a Peruvian dish that is shredded chicken in a curry like sauce.
  • Drink: Chicha morada, a juice drink made from purple corn.
Students standing in front of large colorful wall of tile in a church in Peru.

This picture was taken at one of the churches we toured on Saturday.

About the blogger

Kendra N. is studying abroad on the IFSA-Butler: Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru program in Lima, Peru.

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