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Fare le fotografie

Filed in Blog, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy by on April 17, 2013

You have probably noticed I like to take a lot of pictures. Here’s a few from my travels to Prague, Budapest and southern Italy!

Bay of Naples

The day we were in Naples, the America Cup, a sailing race, was taking place. All the sailboats were out in the bay on a warm sunny day.


In Sorrento, a small town right on the coast near Naples, wisteria was hanging everywhere — it looked beautiful and smelled even better!


The cliffs in southern Italy are breathtaking, rising right up from the water. The town is spread out along the cliff.


Southern Italy grows and exports lemons and oranges like it’s nobody’s business. The lemons are huge too! For relief on a hot day, get a granita — an Italian slushy that’s perfect after a hot tour of Pompeii.


A perfect shot of Mt. Vesuvius rising behind the ruins of Pompeii.

Street Food

I was in Prague over Easter weekend, and every square was full of vendors selling all kinds of food and crafts. This booth sold candied nuts and chocolate covered fruit.

Easter Markets

At night, the markets were lit up and still busy, despite the chilly weather.

Lennon Wall

A piece of the Lennon Wall, a graffiti’d wall in Prague that began as a student protest against communism. Even today you can write messages of peace on it.

Cathedral of St. Vitus

Some of the beautiful stained glass in the Cathedral of St. Vitus, at the castle in Prague.

Easter Eggs

It’s an Easter tradition in Prague to decorate blown eggs in a million different ways — some with just paint, others with wax and some even look like lace with holes drilled out. They are beautiful and fragile.

Bridge Across the Danube

Like most major European cities, a river — the Danube — runs through the heart of Budapest. This was one of the many bridges.

Hot Baths

The hot spring baths are a major tourist attraction in Budapest — hot all year round, they felt great in the cold air!


A traditional food in Hungary, lagoush, is a piece of fried dough with anything you want on it. Here is a dessert one, with nutella and powdered sugar, and a traditional one, with sour cream, garlic sauce and cheese.

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  1. Rachel Brooks says:

    I’ve been reading your blog all semester while bored at work. You never fail to amaze me with you pictures, and I know you have loved taking them all semester. I’m so glad you’re coming home this week (even though I am sure it is very bittersweet) because we all miss you so much! Laura, you inspire me everyday. A girl from Lebanon going to Italy. And Prague. And Hungary. I can not wait to hear some of your fantastic stories and get advice on my own study abroad. You are an amazing person and I am so glad we are sisters! MLITB

  2. Lorna says:

    Georgous pictures!