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Exploring Manchester, England

Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on February 17, 2015

Hello! My name is Andria (Andi) and I am studying abroad in Manchester, England, this semester. Before leaving for England I had only been out of America once for a mission trip to Mexico, so this was a scary adjustment. I was very nervous to leave, but also very excited. I have grown up in a town very close to Columbia so getting the chance to leave mid-Missouri for an extended period of time was so exciting. Upon arrival I immediately fell in love with this city and country. The people have been so amazing and welcoming. Everyone I have met has been so interested in hearing about life in America and comparing life in the two countries.

Classes are a bit different than the way we do them at MU. (Side-note: Instead of saying that they are going to campus they say they are going to uni. I love it.) This semester I will only be graded based on one final exam. This is a bit stressful considering you have one shot to get the grade that you want. Lots of pressure. I have to complete some other work, including papers, but those do not count for any part of my grade. I just have to complete them so my grade does not get penalized. The first week of classes I felt like a freshman all over again. I didn’t know where any of the buildings were and I got lost multiple times.

Speaking of getting lost, if you have never spent much time in a large city, getting lost is easy to do. I have spent lots of time wandering the streets of Manchester just exploring until I was lost and had to find my way home. This city has so much culture and diversity! You can find just about anything you want to do here. There is one area called the Northern Quarter that I have spent many hours exploring. They have many shops, restaurants and pubs to go in. It seems that all of them are different from each other, which just gives the city so much character.

All in all, I have quickly decided that Manchester is an amazing city that I will definitely visit again after my time spent here is up.

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