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Exam season

Filed in Blog, Country, Germany by on July 29, 2015

Exam season is in full fury right now, but thankfully it’s not so bad, all things considered. First off, my vocabulary class doesn’t even have a final exam, just a few writing assignments that in total were about 1,300 words, in German of course. That took maybe an afternoon to finish, so there’s no way I can complain about that.

My other three classes had exams, but two of them were by no means a problem. The literature course exam was two pages, maybe 20 questions in total and overall I think it went well. I know I missed one question, but beyond that I think I got everything, or at the least managed to get partial credit. My translation exam was by far the easiest, I had an hour to translate a decent size paragraph from German into English, and although I had wait the whole hour in the exam room, I actually finished in about 30 minutes. The only down side to that exam was being allowed to use a German dictionary to look up words, but the dictionary I bought actually had no definitions in it. So there I was with a book that was basically a list of German words and nothing else, but thankfully I only needed it for two words and I think I came up with suitable enough translations for them.

The hardest exam, and the most important to me, was of course the DSH, as I’ve mentioned previously. It actually was better than I expected it to be, mostly because the topics of the listening and reading portions were somewhat familiar to me, so I could fill in gaps easily when I didn’t fully understand something. I ended up coming through with a DSH 2, which is the second best score I could get and that also means that I can study at almost any German university if I ever decide to go back to study. I’m super pumped about the results from that, and all in all I think this semester went great for me. With exam season over I can safely sigh a breath of relief!

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