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Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on February 28, 2014

Daytrips are magical things. They enable you to experience all the wonders of traveling to a new place while also experiencing the wonders of sleeping in your own bed after it’s all over. They allow you to test the waters of traveling with new people without a long-term (and by long-term I mean overnight) commitment that may result in sustained aggravation of clashing travel styles. Most importantly, they don’t require you to pack toiletries. The sum of these qualities is a blissful experience of noncommittal exploration. While overnight trips are awesome, they can be quite tiring, so I was thankful for my day trips this past weekend, which were to:

  • Durham. This is a smaller city in the north, with a famous cathedral and a castle, pictured below.  I went with the Study Abroad Society, and we all walked around for a few hours before loading back into our coach and heading on to…


  • Newcastle, a much larger city nearby. We explored the city center…


  • Then strolled down by the river Tyne. There were four or five bridges into the city within a mile of each other, which made for quite the view. The bulbous building on the left is the Sage Gateshead Music Centre. One of my friends described Newcastle as a “steampunk” city, which I think is apt; it is beautifully industrial and there was an almost-tangible buzz of excitement and energy in the air.



  • On Sunday I went on day trip No. 2, another excursion with the hiking club to the Lake District. Unfortunately I did not get any photos because the weather was so bad that I didn’t want to get my camera out; we walked in constant rain and wind, having to turn back before getting to the top of the fell because it was too stormy. It was rather miserable except a) it was a day trip so we all knew it would be over at some point in the near future and b) how often do I get the chance to spend the day outside in a storm in the English countryside? Novelty can make anything seem fun. Especially on day trips.

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