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Filed in Blog, United Kingdom by on July 2, 2018
by Alaina W.

To be fair, I have never done an internship within the U.S. to be able to accurately compare it to my experiences within the United Kingdom. However, I expected to do a lot of the grunt work within my internship. I was also prepared for a more regimented schedule. My placement at The Unseen, a company start up, allows for more creativity between and during tasks. After giving me a general overview for the team’s operations and the role I would take in each sector, I was informed to take whatever actions I though necessary and to ask any questions I had along the way. This has allowed me more freedom than I am used to or have normally been given in other work-related roles.

Typically, expectations are first laid out along with a set of do’s and dont’s. In my internship environment I both appreciate and slightly dislike this system. The freedom to complete my tasks or how to tweak them as I see fit works well with my personality. I don’t have to worry about overstepping any bounds or stepping on anyone’s toes in order to take a project in the direction I see fit. On the other hand, I prefer a bit more structure to my day. That would come in handy in terms of a hard copy list of goals to accomplish and the deadline of when to complete them. Regardless of this less than perfect system, it’s important to see how different types of business models work considering you never know where you’ll end up.

Another difference that stands out about working in the UK is the genial sense of community between all of the employees. I may have gotten particularly lucky to work with people who happen to also be friends, but the vibe is always positive and radiating inclusivity. I think to make most of my time here, it is important to say yes to every chance offered to me. This includes both during and outside of my internship. Within The Unseen, any mentoring or opportunity is invaluable. My role deals with subjects that I hope to work with in the future.

Each and every piece of advice is something I want to take with me. I believe there is something to learn in running errands, doing research and practical applications. Also, networking is an important part of building a career. Not only am I able to make connections for the future, but this gives me the chance to have reputable sources for references or recommendations as well. In the way of exploring London, I never regret seeing any of the sites – no matter how touristy or localized. All the shops and sites and avenues in between are a gateway to how other people live and what they value in life.

About the blogger

Alaina W. is studying abroad on the Global Mizzou Internship: London program in London, United Kingdom.

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