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Creative connection

Filed in Blog, Country, Spain by on March 13, 2020
by Kelli D.

Have you ever fallen half in love with a stranger? The moment when you meet eyes with someone on the bus or you say hello in the museum, never to meet again? These fleeting encounters are a unique kind of connection enhanced by the lack of communication after the experience. Last week, I was on my way to the beach to paint when I heard the sound of a cello reverberating across the plaza. It was lovely. I scurried over to the musician and danced for a bit before dropping a few euros into his case. Reluctant to leave, I swayed happily for five minutes to his rendition of Hallelujah. Then, I decided, why not stay?! We sat across from each other for two hours, idly aware of the other’s creative process, but primarily engaged in our own. When the setting sun demanded he stop playing cello, he came over to see my canvas. We complimented each other’s work and shared as many stories as my Spanish communication allowed. Finally, pleased with the time we’d spent, we said goodbye and walked in opposite directions, my painting now a fond memory of our creative connection.

Creative connection

Beginning sketches of cellist in Plaza de Luceros

Creative connection

“Say Cello” acrylic of man playing cello on the street

About the blogger

Kelli D. is studying abroad on the Universidad de Alicante: Exchange program in Alicante, Spain.

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