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Abroad in Buenos Aires

by Sewit B.

I was able to leave a couple weeks before my program started and travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to begin my long journey of growing and learning. While I was in Rio, I had the opportunity to go to most of the tourist destinations, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Parque Lage and, of course, the Christ Redeemer (which was the most powerful spiritual encounter I have ever been a part of). The highlight of Rio definitely was the celebration of Carnaval in one of the most celebrated cities in the world. Attending carnaval always seemed like an unattainable dream of mine. Now onto the academic portion of my time abroad.

My program in Buenos Aires, Argentina started the fourth of March, and I already know my time in this city will change me for the better. In the short time I have been here I have already improved my Spanish, to a level where I can hold a conversation. I have had discussions with local students and adults about the mental health system, which was a large reason I chose this country. In one short month I can slowly begin to understand the impact traveling can have. Being in South America has challenged my beliefs, identities and privilege. I have had to realize that being from the United States is a luxury that I have taken for granted, and that I come from a place where being successful is more accessible.

About the blogger

Sewit B. is studying abroad on the IFSA-Butler: Area Studies in Buenos Aires program in Buenos Ares, Argentina.

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