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A trip to Malmö and Lund

Filed in Blog, Denmark, Smith Family Scholarship by on March 4, 2014

Scandinavia is one of the best places to study sustainability, so when I heard that my Sustainability in Europe course was taking a trip to Sweden, I was not surprised. After taking a short 45 minute bus ride over the bridge connecting Copenhagen and Sweden, we arrived in Lund for some fascinating site visits. First up, a visit to St. Hansgården, an after-school program located in the middle of the forest. This school was by far my favorite visit of the trip. They taught the children (generally ages 10–12) a lot of basic skills — cooking, raising pets (they had chickens, goats, rabbits, cats, etc.), even basic metal working. By working with their hands, the children learn how to have a relationship with craft, and by using the resources that nature provides them, they learn the value in nature.

st. hansgarden

St. Hansgården

After the visit at St. Hansgården we were left to explore the beautiful city of Lund. This was the first place I had traveled to since arriving in Copenhagen, so I couldn’t help but compare the two. Lund is much smaller, and compared to Copenhagen even less Americanized (although they did have the nicest Subway I’ve ever seen). We were also able to see the campus of Lund University, which is one of Europe’s oldest universities.




Beautiful church in Lund, hundreds of years old

The rest of the weekend was filled with lectures at universities, government buildings and a smelly trip to a waste management facility. The trip concluded with a beautiful hike through Söderåsen National Park just outside Malmö. While a hike in Scandinavia in early February may sound miserable, the sun finally came out and made for an incredible day, and a great way to end my first excursion outside of Copenhagen.






At the top of the mountain in Söderåsen


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