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A student in China

by Lorenzo G.

In China the cultural differences are vast. The traffic is much more crazy, there are no such thing as lines and there’s a lot of pushing and shoving. One may take these mannerisms as rude, but it is just simply the culture. This may be a side effect of overpopulation, or just simply how things are. As you spend more time here, you realize that, in fact, the culture is not rude and people are actually quite friendly. A few examples would be: not being able to pay for your own food because they like to treat their guests; being escorted everywhere to be also be a good host; everyone saying hello as you walk by as a sort of “welcome to China.”

Hundreds of people line up outside a large ornate red and gold palace.

The Forbidden City


A long brick walkway cuts through a very lush green mountainscape.

Great Wall in Beijing


In some cities there aren’t as many foreigners such as the Deyang you are sort of a celebrity. Being in America where it is vastly diverse you don’t stand out as much, but in China you are one of a few. The food is much different from what you eat in the U.S., but it’s a great experience and I have tried as many different things as I can. The greatest shock I have had was finding out that crab rangoon IS NOT A CHINESE FOOD. Who would have thought? Public transportation is crowded, yet very efficient. Infrastructure is far more vast and transportation is far more advanced than in the U.S. because it is much needed. Loyalty to parents is one of the core values all Chinese kids hold, but this comes with a benefit. Chinese kids are taken care of all the way until they get their first job and even have their house bought to start off with, but only once. Overall, China as a whole is a different world compared to the U.S., but is a much-needed and valued experience.

Nighttime view of skyscrapers lit up in many different colors.

East of Shanghai River “Pudong”


About the blogger

Lorenzo G. is studying abroad on the Business: China program in Beijing, China.

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